mardi 23 février 2016



US scientists have reaffirmed the benefits of eating walnuts in a new study.
Specialists from the University of California at Davis conducted a series of experiments on a group of male mice diagnosed with prostate cancer. The mice were divided into three diet groups.
The first group did not consume walnuts, the second group received walnuts, and the third one was fed with walnut oil. The experiment showed that the development of the tumor and malignant cells significantly slowed among the rodents in the second and the third groups.
According to Natural News, the scientists explained the success of the experiment with the content of powerful phytonutrients in raw walnuts. This natural product contains that inhibit cancer cells and prevent them from developing.
Just two handfuls of walnuts every day reduces the risk of cancer by almost 50 percent, the scientists said.
Furthermore, walnut oil reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in blood and increases insulin sensitivity, which helps fight heart disease and reduces the risk of diabetes. For example, one study found that overweight adults with type 2 diabetes who consumed just one-quarter cup of walnuts daily reduced their fasting insulin levels in just a few months’ time compared to those on non-walnut diets. It is believed that walnuts can shrink levels of the hormone IGF-1, known to play a key role in development of both prostate and breast cancer, Natural News says.