mardi 5 avril 2016



We know, and you know, what’s needed to tackle the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet. To end factory farming, in all its forms, requires determination and grit.
Together we have achieved so much for farm animals. Yes, we’ve had setbacks along the way but we get back up, dust ourselves off and carry on with more resolve than ever. Thank you for having Compassion’s back through thick and thin. Every good news story below is your achievement.
You did it!
600,000 of you are taking a stand against the caging of Europe’s rabbits. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to postpone the hand-in of our massive petition. But we’ll be in Brussels when Europe’s agriculture ministers meet on 17th May. If you haven’t already joined the call to End the Cage Age for Europe’s rabbits, please add your voice now.
Victory for animal welfare – and human health
I’m delighted to announce that the EU Parliament recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of a complete ban on the routine use of antibiotics in farming. This campaign victory takes us an important step closer to breaking the factory farming system.
Antibiotics are widely given to farm animals to prevent disease in stressful, overcrowded conditions. And this abuse of precious drugs is also fuelling a major human health crisis. We must now ensure that Member States support this vote. If you live in the UK, please email your MP today.
An American revolution
Last year Compassion in World Farming USA was instrumental in a restaurant industry movement to phase out eggs from caged hens. And if 2015 was the year of the cage-free US restaurant, 2016 is already proving to be the year of the cage-free grocer. In recent weeks, several American supermarket giants – including the largest, Kroger – have announced plans to stop selling eggs from caged hens. In a nation with limited farm animal welfare legislation, you are making sure that big business and consumer power spearhead a higher welfare revolution.
A truly Good Egg!
We were delighted to award one of Compassion’s most enthusiastic supporters a much-coveted Good Egg Award. Susie Macmillan’s family-run organic farm in East Sussex puts the welfare of its hens first, and also hosts school visits to educate the next generation on the ethics of farming. Find out how Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards promote compassion in food companies.
A breakthrough for pigs
For years, much of Europe’s pig industry has flouted the EU Pigs Directive, which requires adequate enrichment materials, such as straw, and bans routine tail docking.
After persistent campaigning by Compassion, the EU Commission has now published clear guidelines spelling out exactly what is required to comply with the law. This breakthrough leaves no excuse for illegal pig farming – and it will be rocket-fuel to our efforts to give all of Europe’s pigs a life worth living.
Harrowing live export journeys exposed
A shocking new report by Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation | Tierschutzbund Zürich exposes the horrific suffering of EU farm animals exported to Turkey over the last 5 years.
Featuring evidence from Compassion, the report reveals the persistent cruelty of this trade – with animals often stuck for days at the Turkish border, crammed together in sweltering heat, without proper access to food or water. Find out more, and demand a complete ban on long-distance transport from the EU to Turkey.
A life sentence for farming
Compassion in World Farming staff, shackled and wearing prison stripes, were recently in London opposing the UK government’s proposed 25 Year Plan for Food and Farming. This plan is due to be released later in the year, and could subject UK agriculture to a life sentence of animal suffering and environmental damage. Find out more about Compassion’s jailbirds, who delivered our alternative, sustainable 25 Year Plan to Defra.
Protecting animals when you’re not around
You’ve shown you care about the welfare of farm animals and we hope you will consider another powerful way of helping. A gift in your Will means that, together, we can help vulnerable farm animals in the future. A legacy from you will help ensure a kinder, safer world for farm animals for generations to come. Find out more here.
Thank you so much for your continued commitment. Together we’ll be here as long as farm animals need us.
With warmest wishes,
Laura Witty
Laura Witty