mardi 2 août 2016


Curiosity around cruelty-free lifestyles is on the rise — a huge 1 in 4 Australians are cutting back or cutting out meat, innovative food companies are creating plant-based deliciousness and now Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world!

I know you care about creating a kinder future for farmed animals and I'm sure you know that high demand for animal products is one of the biggest ethical, environmental and animal protection issues of our time. So I wanted to tell you what we're doing about it...

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We're helping people get to know farm animals with these super cute ads in supermarket car parks across the country — with a downloadable, mobile-friendly recipe book helping people explore delicious, cruelty-free recipes before reaching the check-out :)

Animals will have a special place in the September issue of the Australian Women's Weekly — this eye-catching full page ad will inspire hundreds of thousands of readers to explore the many benefits of taking animals into their hearts and off their plates.

Speaking of — we've been overwhelmed at how fast tens of thousands of copies of our Vegetarian Starter Kits have already gone flying out the door! If you or someone you know would love some animal-friendly cooking tips and recipes, order a FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit today :)

Achieving change on the scale that animals need it is a massive challenge and, Katia, I know that the task ahead can sometimes feel daunting. But what energises me is knowing that we're all part of a strong and rapidly growing community of compassionate people determined to make this world a kinder place for animals. And always know that just by being the caring person you are, you're helping inspire others to make kinder choices — and that is something to smile about.

Thank you so much for everything you do!