samedi 24 décembre 2016



Dogs who have nowhere else to go often end up in a shelter. But at the end of March, many of those dogs may be out of luck in Montreal.
Faced with the possibility of euthanizing hundreds of dogs based only on the way they look, the Montreal SPCA has decided to end its shelter services with the city.
The decision comes in the wake of the Canadian city's move to ban pit bull-type dogs and impose harsh conditions on current ownersa decision that, while officially passed by the city council in October, is currently being challenged in court.
"This was not an easy decision," Anita Kapuscinska, communications manager for the Montreal SPCA, tells The Dodo. "This is something we've been talking about internally with our operations staff and with our directors to try to see what is the best thing that we can do for the dogs and for the animals that we serve."
The organization says it was faced with two options — with one seeming only a little less impossible than the other.
"We either could have went through with legislation and started applying it ... and started euthanizing dogs or we could have refused to do so," Kapuscinska says.
The organization says the ban, which comes into full effect on March 31, makes it impossible to determine what exactly makes up a pit bull.
"Veterinarians all agree there's no clear way of identifying which dog would fall under this legislation," Kapuscinska says. "We're even trying to figure out which of our dogs would fall under it. And we have no idea.
"It's definitely hundreds. Big hundreds of those dogs."