dimanche 22 juillet 2018


Over 90 per cent of drug trials in humans fail, even though the drugs have already passed experiments on animals. The problem is that the differences between species are so vast that results in animals are, at best, a very poor approximation of what will happen in humans or, at worst, dangerously misleading. A paradigm shift away from all studies using animals is needed. The government must create a clear strategy and timeline for replacing animals used in experiments. With greater investment in animal-free science and bold policy initiatives, far more promising cures and treatments for humans as well as more effective and reliable methods for toxicity assessment can be developed.
Finally – and crucially – committing to this goal would also help put an end to the almost unimaginable suffering of millions of animals. It's time for the UK to commit to completely replacing all experiments on animals.
Please sign our petition to the Home Office; Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; and Department of Health and Social Care.