mercredi 12 juillet 2017


Help Us Stop the Slaughter

The panic begins with the startling boom of a rocket as he's thrust out of a small, dark enclosure and into the menacing throngs of rowdy tourists gathered for the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain.
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After surviving a bewildering run, slipping, sliding, and crashing into walls through crowded city streets, the confused, exhausted bull will find himself in a ring surrounded by a jeering crowd – all there to watch him being stabbed to death for their entertainment.
Whether the suffering happens in a massive bullring in Spain or a small arena in Venezuela, nearly every bullfight ends the same way: with a tormented animal bleeding to death for a crowd's sickening amusement. The time to stop this violent spectacle is now!
Please make a gift today and immediately strengthen PETA's work to stop this bloody event and other cruel forms of entertainment so that bulls and other animals are spared such horrific abuse.
The cruelty of bullfighting is indisputable. This year, tens of thousands of bulls like those forced to run through the streets of Pamplona will be killed in "bullfights" – a pathetically inaccurate term for an event in which a dagger- and sword-wielding matador and his cohorts slaughter psychologically tormented and physically debilitated animals for "sport".
In the ring, these animals will be jabbed repeatedly with sharpened lances and daggers before eventually being stabbed between the shoulder blades by a matador's sword. It's not uncommon for a wounded bull to drown in his own blood after the blade is driven into his lungs, and those who don't die outright are sometimes still conscious as their ears and tail are cut off as "trophies" and they're dragged out of the ring by chains.
The spectacle is so disturbing that a United Nations report has documented that children can sustain psychological damage just from being exposed to it. Such stomach-turning violence leads many in the audience to leave before the end of the "fight", but by that point, the damage is already done – the cost of their tickets has enabled the industry to continue to torment and kill bulls.
Will you help us do more to help bulls and all other animals by donating right now?
PETA is determined to help stop this horrible blood sport, and there are new signs of progress towards that goal, including widespread positive coverage of our protest in Pamplona. Throughout Spain, caring people are taking action against bullfights, and more than 100 towns to date have banned the cruel spectacle. Working with other kind people in Spain and throughout Europe, we've persuaded travel editors and magazines to stop glorifying vile tourist events such as those in Pamplona and successfully encouraged many large travel agencies around the world to remove all bullfights and bull runs from their packages.
Your caring support today will help PETA build on this recent progress and, ultimately, save animals' lives.