mercredi 6 juillet 2016



This year, there were more Award winners than ever before. Companies from South and North America, Australasia, China and across Europe have made commitments to the welfare of rabbits, chickens, hens, pigs, dairy cows... and even quail.
There are real signs that we may have reached a tipping point – and this is only possible because of your support for Compassion’s work with the world’s biggest food businesses.
We help companies who want to do the right thing. We challenge those who are lagging behind. And we hope you will be proud that one of this year’s winners said “Other advocacy organisations should model themselves on Compassion – who help you and push the boundaries.”
Breaking new ground
This year’s Awards saw a whole raft of ‘firsts’: From the first South American winner – Chilean hen farmer, Ecoterra; to the first full Good Pig Awards in Italy; and the first ever Good Egg Award for quail farming – presented to the British brand, Clarence Court. Find out more, and read the full list of winners, here.
There is still so much more to be done, but compassion for farm animals is rising in the public and business consciousness. Together we are celebrating better products, better ethics, and better animal welfare. Thank you.
With my very best wishes,