lundi 27 juin 2016


MAGNIFIQUE SAUVETAGE DE CHIENS/CHIOTS D' UN ELEVAGE DE CHIENS QUI VIVAIENT DANBS DES CONDITIONS INCROYABLEMENT DIFFICILES UN CAS VRAIMENT POIGNANT CES VOLONTAIRES SONT EXTRAORDINAIRES.. AIDER CETTE ORGANISATION VAUT VRAIMENT LA PEINE Published on Jun 27, 2016 The leadership of Animal Rescue Corps walk you through the recent rescues and more: June 2 through 15, ARC rescued more than 100 animals of a variety of breeds and species in three rescues, dubbed Operation Dire Straits and Operation Summer Saves I & II, in three counties across Tennessee. In Operation Dire Straits, on June 2, ARC assisted the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department in the rescue of 32 animals found living in neglectful conditions at puppy mill in Morgan County, TN. The animals included 20 dogs, one donkey, four miniature donkeys, two ponies, a potbellied pig, three roosters and one hen. Authorities found clear violations of state and local animal cruelty codes. The property owner, who reportedly claimed to breed and sell the dogs and did not live at the location where the animals were found, was arrested, taken into custody, and charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty. Operation Summer Saves I took place on June 7 when ARC assisted the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department in the rescue of 48 dogs, mostly small breeds, found living in horrendous conditions at a breeding facility in Gibson County, TN, about two hours west of Nashville. Two dead dogs were also found on the property; one in a cage with two other dogs, which the property owner indicated she had known about for some time. The property owner, who breeds and sells dogs, is being charged with 50 counts of animal cruelty. Operation Summer Saves II took place on June 8 when ARC assisted the Macon County Animal Control in the rescue of 18 animals found living in extremely neglectful conditions at a home in Lafayette, TN, about an hour northeast of Nashville. All of the animals were surrendered by the property owner. Five cats and thirteen large breed dogs, mostly huskies and husky mixes were found in pens, tethered on chains and some running loose on the debris strewn property, part of which was soaked with what was assumed to be sewage run off from a septic system. The animals were extremely dirty, covered in mud and feces, suffering from internal and external parasites, and other suffered from additional conditions resulting from their neglect. Learn more: www.animalrescuecorps.org