mardi 29 mars 2016


LA FEMME QUI INSPIRE DES AMERICAINS A OUVRIR LEUR REFUGE.. ET D' AUTRES A ADOPTER UNE CULTURE BIO 45 MINUTES A DEGUSTER!! Published on Mar 16, 2016 Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director, joined us in March 2000, following six years of working for a veterinarian and at a sanctuary in West Virginia. Before that, she earned a master’s degree in special education and worked with children with disabilities. As a farm animal caregiver for more than a decade, Susie has been a mentor to many of her peers — some of whom have started their own sanctuaries throughout the United States — and is known for bringing the animals’ stories of love, loss, and life to the public. She ensures that the hundreds of farm animals sheltered at Farm Sanctuary each year receive the best possible care at every stage of their lives.