mercredi 19 août 2015


 C' EST EN INDE ET SANS PITIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A frightened bull pulls frantically at the rope tied through his nose after hearing the shrieks of other animals being slaughtered around him. Suddenly, an unseen hand wildly swings a hammer at his head, knocking him to the floor. A second worker grabs the rope to pull the bull upright, before another four blows from a sledgehammer knock him back down on the filthy floor. The first worker slams the hammer into his head at least five more times before slitting the terrified animal's throat.
The footage of this bull's misery has shocked thousands who have watched the video online. PETA continues to push the highest levels of our government to act immediately to end the cruel – and often illegal – slaughter of bulls, cows, pigs and other animals here in India, and we need your help.
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For more than a decade, PETA has documented the horrific cruelty to animals who are routinely abused on busy transport routes, at crowded markets and in filthy slaughterhouses such as those shown in the video.
For years, industry officials have been promising reforms that could prevent much of this suffering, yet most are not enforced. PETA has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court seeking the enforcement of animal welfare laws that could prevent some of this misery, and recently, our lawsuit – along with one filed by another group – prompted the court to direct state governments and union territories to take action against illegal, unlicensed slaughterhouses. Also, following PETA's meetings with the Chief Minister of Kerala and officials of the Animal Husbandry Department, along with representatives of other groups, the Kerala state government issued a circular banning striking animals used for meat with hammers, but enforcement remains an issue.
Our goal is to push the government to set up a structure for the enforcement of animal welfare laws with regard to the transport and slaughter of animals. In testimony heard by the court, it was revealed that there are some 4000 authorised slaughterhouses in India – and more than 100,000 illegal ones!
Your generous gift today will ensure that we can continue to work on these important issues and will allow us to push to secure kinder treatment for all animals.
Chilli rubbed in eye
PETA has kept up public pressure and mobilised thousands of activists through our eye-opening campaigns. We've made it clear that while reforms are absolutely necessary, rampant cruelty can be avoided by adopting a vegan diet and going leather-free.
It takes substantial financial resources to provide the knowledgeable lawyers and expert veterinarians necessary for critical court hearings, meetings with key officials and analysis of the various state responses in order to press the court to order the adoption and effective oversight of programmes to protect bulls and all other animals from heartbreaking abuse. Your support is vital to efforts like these and will strengthen our ability to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle to the public, which will benefit all animals.
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