lundi 8 juin 2015


On Thursday, thousands of us came together to ask Benetton to ban angora. It was a huge day of action that saw the clothing brand come under fire from compassionate people on every front.
Some of you sent e-mails to the company. Others made phone calls to ask Benetton to do the right thing for animals. Some people used social media to make their voices heard. And others took to the streets, taking part in a colourful protest outside Benetton's flagship London store.
And our actions worked. On Thursday evening, Benetton sent out a media statement saying that it's decided to ban the cruelly produced wool.
However you were involved, we want to say a massive thank you – we couldn't have achieved this victory without you.
This is great news for animals. Benetton was one of the last major brands holding out on angora. Now, almost every store on the high street has a ban in place, and as a result, the Chinese trade in angora is collapsing. In 2014, total angora exports were down by 76 per cent. That means that as a result of our actions, far fewer rabbits are suffering for angora!
Thank you for all that you do for animals.