vendredi 5 juin 2015




A dog was found crucified (crucifixion=șalb) and hanging up side down from a cross at the Rotunda in Mosta, Malta. Later a cat was also found crucified and hanging up side down from the cross on St Philip’s statue, also in Mosta. The police have found several similar cases of crucified animals “in recent years” (2011). Haven’t we all had a rapid escalation of unique crimes “in recent years” that is usually found in Islamic societies. Malta had a mass-asylum influx of over 3,000 Muslim last year alone. And they will only keep coming.
What does this crucifixion of animals mean? It means “you” are next. “We’re coming to take you (Christians) down”. Although police arrested a mentally ill man in 2011, Frangisku Buhagiar, for killing his own sister and additionally accused him of the first crucifixion of an animal – Buhagiar denied killing the animal although he eventually admitted killing his own sister. The dhimmi people of Malta, who seriously need to wake up to reality, automatically accepted that he was behind the killing of the animals, although the murders continued again and again even when the man was in prison.
Malta is a former British colony in the Mediterranean Sea was under Islamic occupation between AD 870 and 1090 when it was liberated by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily. Muslims still regard it as Islamic territory and want to re-occupy it and (eventually, when they are the majority or have it in control) force everyone to convert, pay jizya or die. This is why they are pouring into Malta, Italy, Greece and Spain in massive numbers. It’s the exact same method that enabled Egyptian and Saudi jihadi’s to occupy Gaza and then claim it their “lost land”.
The future Muslim occupation of Europe to turn the entire world into a singular Islamic state is an endless topic in the Arab world. The expansion began with the Arab Spring and has become more passionate the more Muslims are able to mass immigrate into Europe, whether illegally or as feigned ‘asylum’ seekers. In Sweden investigations had shown that over 95% of asylum applicants were not really in need of asylum. In the United States over 75% of asylum applications have proven to be fraudulent.
The native population is devoutly Catholic and speak Maltese, which is Latinised Arabic. [Thanks to all who sent this in and to Chris AW]