vendredi 22 mai 2015


 home cooking for sick dogs

Je voulais vous parler de ce livre qui me semble indispensable a tous ceux qui ont un chien malade. agé ou vieillissant.
  C' est un guide de recettes a cuisiner chez soi avec un minimum d' ingrédients a sélectionner en fonction des différentes pathologies de vôtre chien.

 Au sujet de son livre Janie m' a écrit:

"I’ve always been a huge animal lover with a strong bond with dogs.  My brother gave me my first puppy at the age of eight and I was hooked!  My passion for dogs has grown stronger over the years and has grown even more for older dogs.  As dogs age, unfortunately, many will eventually need nutritional help because of poor immune health and/or disease.  This cook book for dogs was developed due to the lack of guidance in this area.  so many dog owners need help with how to feed their sick, elderly dog. 
Prescription diets are big money makers for veterinarians and they are not nutritionally sound for your dog.  They lack what is truly good for your dog. This little cook book is ideal for both dog and owner. The meals can be cooked in the crock pot and most recipes only consist of five ingredients or a little more, and they taste good.  You’ll find recipes for liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, pancreatitis, cancer and dogs with seizures.
It’s perfect to keep in your library as a reference should your dog unfortunately encounter any of the above health issues."