vendredi 29 mai 2015


The end of a farm animal’s life – hidden behind the walls of a slaughterhouse – is a time when they are at their most vulnerable. It’s a time when they most need protection from abuse, cruelty and negligence. But it’s also a time when Europe’s leaders turn their backs on the animals.
Whether you eat meat, or not, I need your help to hold the European Commission to account for its complete failure to take seriously the suffering of animals at the time of slaughter.
Over the last year Compassion’s work lobbying the Commission on slaughter issues has become increasingly frustrating. We’ve raised five major slaughter concerns with them, affecting billions of animals, and each time they have failed to show any compassion. The indifference we have witnessed has left us shocked and appalled.
When we received the latest disappointing response, this time from the Health & Food Safety Directorate, it was clear we needed to call on your support.
I wish I could tell you the practices we’re talking about are limited to individual cases of bad slaughterhouses, but for the most part it’s ‘standard-industry-procedure’ carried out on a terrifyingly vast scale.
Thank you for your standing up for farm animals,
Pru Elliott
Pru Elliott
Campaigns Officer
PS Slaughter is an emotive subject, and as a campaigner I know it’s an issue that can be very upsetting. But I urge you, no matter how upsetting you find it, please stand by my side – join me in demanding change. Please be assured you can take action without seeing any graphic images.