mercredi 27 février 2013


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is refusing to work with a community near Carson City, Nevada to keep a locally revered herd of mustangs wild and free. Time is running out for these horses -- the BLM could begin trapping them as early as this afternoon. They need your help now!
Here's what's going on:

The mustang family (pictured) travels between federal land in the Pine Nut Herd Management Area (HMA) and a rural area outside Carson City. The horses have lived in this area for at least 40 years. Originally the band had 50 members, but it is down to just six at present, thanks to BLM's heartless capture and removal policies.
Local residents -- including government officials -- have come to love this wild horse family and have pleaded with the BLM to work with them on a plan that will keep the remaining horses wild and free.
Please take a moment and tell BLM bosses in Washington to work with this community and leave the wild horses where they are.
On Friday, AWHPC urged the agency to build a fence to keep the horses in question on their designated range, offering to cover the costs if necessary. Although the BLM regularly builds fencing for livestock, the agency is refusing to build a fence for these wild horses. The BLM has also rejected other solutions offered by the local community to keep the horses safe and free on the range.
On Monday, the BLM announced that it will proceed with the immediate removal of the horses, rejecting offers from neighbors, local officials and wild horse advocacy groups to work together to save the Deer Run herd.
“We are heartbroken that our government will not work with us on a solution for these beautiful wild horses who are cherished by our community,” said Annie Jantzen, a local resident. “This is a heartless move by the federal government, which is thumbing its nose at local leaders, our community and the American taxpayers, who continue to pay as the BLM removes more and more horses from the range, while ignoring real solutions to keep them on our public lands.”

- The AWHPC Team